Meet Kay!

As P82 Project Restoration grows as an organization, we would like to introduce the people who make our team special! Kay leads the prayer team for P82 and Crisis Care Team. As Christians, we believe that prayer is essential for progressing this ministry. Here is Kay’s story.

Kay came to Phoenix from Milwaukee in 2003. Preparing for their retirement years, she, and her husband, Bob, had built their dream home on a three-acre hilltop in a rural Milwaukee suburb. But the Lord had different and better ideas, and, through a series of circumstances, called them to take their IT experience to a mission agency based in the Phoenix area.

Three years later, Kay was afflicted with a disabling psychosis, which remains a continuous battle in her daily life. Her faith in Jesus as her strength, and her loving spiritKay Cropped through suffering is a living and vibrant testimony of the grace and power of God to those who know her.

Her firsthand understanding of the suffering Christian to his loving God is a vital element in her service as Prayer Team coordinator. What, to most of us, appears to be a clerical type activity, to her is difficult work. What, to most of us, is prayer on behalf of others who are suffering, to her is prayer on behalf of her and others like her.

We thank God for His grace in leading Kay to take on this very important role.



One thought on “Meet Kay!

  1. Kay is one of the sweetest ladies I know. She has a sweet spirit and very nice to spend time with. I so look forward to my hugs on Sunday and I am happy to call her my friend and sister in Christ.
    Such a blessing🙏
    I Love you Kay💝

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